Thursday, 30 June 2011

BHX-EDI-BHX Trip report [Part 2]

 This is the continuation of the post below, check that out first if you haven't.

The day in Edinburgh
 We left the terminal building and started hunting for a spotting point. This unfortunately led to us straying onto private property and being shouted at... so we gave up! Instead, we went to the Airlink bus stop outside the terminal. We'd pre booked the buses into Edinburgh city center, for a very reasonable £6 per person open return. The buses run every 10 minutes, and I recommend Airlink, even though the journey takes 30 minutes (just because the airport's outside the city).

We got off the bus in Princes Street and began the hunt for a haggis (easy to find one, right, it's Scotland?). Apparently not! We couldn't find a single stuffed stomach anywhere on Princes Street.  In fact, we couldn't find anywhere to eat: except for a high-end restaurant by the castle and a McDonalds. We ate from McDonalds, of course. And so followed a lazy lunch in the park, looking up at Edinburgh castle:

After refueling it was time to head back. Easier said than done, we walked up and down the entire length of Princes Street at least twice, searching for the Airlink bus stop back to the airport. The stop isn't opposite the one you get off at, oh no, it's the other end of the street and round the corner on a bridge! Before leaving we popped into a souvenir shop (lured in by the sound of rock & bagpipes...), buying some shortbread and a little musical bagpipe for sticking on windows. "Scotland the Brave" was becoming very familiar by the end of the day...

On the way back to the bus we noticed this:
Stelios gets everywhere these days!

We got back the airport at 5pm (ish) and decided to try spotting again. To avoid the private property, we walked for miles to a distant car park (OK slight exaggeration) and watched a few movements, including a BA A321:
Now it was time to walk all the way back and check in for BE856 back home, due to depart at 8:25 and scheduled as a Dash 8.

My thoughts on Edinburgh? Its nice for a large city, I think, and the transport links are good. Next time, part 3, with surprise equipment changes, fantastic sunset views and a trip to the flight deck!

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