Saturday, 9 July 2011

Before it was Airbase: "A blast from the past"

In August 2009, classic flight at Coventry opened their doors for visitors to come and have a look around. Naturally I jumped at the chance! Recently, classic flight have been busy setting up "Airbase", and there will be more about that soon. But anyway, here's my mini photo report from that day...

 One of Classic Flights DC-3 Dakotas. This example is (I believe) set up to be a firefighting aircraft?

If not, what are these tanks inside it? Extra fuel for increased range? (Edit: they're actually tanks full of oil-dispersing chemicals for oil-slick clean-ups)

A DeHavilland Heron in "Jersey Airlines" livery, in maintenance. 

A Percival Prentice, a Royal Air Force trainer used after WW2

An Avro Anson

Not part of the classic flight fleet but it was on the same apron! An Atlantic Airlines Bae ATP, one of many on the airfield.

An apron overview. Note the Lockheed Electra in the background.

The DC-3 again, complete with snazzy car (A Jaguar e-type apparently). Together it's like a scene out a Bond movie!

And a DeHavilland Dragon Rapide, getting ready for a pleasure flight.

There will be a lot more Coventry/AirBase stuff coming in the next week so stay tuned! 

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