Wednesday, 6 July 2011

BHX-DUB-BHX Trip Report (2009)

This isn't a full trip report as It's a while ago now, but I'll fill in as much detail as I can! There are plenty of pictures though.

In April 2009, we booked my first ever Birthday flight, to Dublin from Birmingham with Aer Lingus. At the time, suprisingly, Aer Lingus were cheaper than Ryanair, and so we booked with the Irish flag carrier, on Airbus A320's both ways.

Birmingham (BHX/EGBB) to Dublin (DUB/EIDW)
Aer Lingus Airbus A320 EI-???
 Upon arrival at BHX early in the morning, we checked in normally (i.e. not self-service or on-line) and proceeded to the Terminal 1 departure lounge, which was seperate to T2 back then. The international pier was still under construction, too. About half an hour before the flight, it started to rain, a shower it seemed. But by the sound on the metal roof, it was apparently was hail... and a quick check looking out over the 70's and 80's stands and out toward Sheldon and Birmingham showed: a thunderstorm. Great. Sure enough, this odd early morning (and early season) storm delayed our arriving A320 by 30 minutes as the storm was moving pretty much directly over the field. In fact, an arriving bmi Regional Embraer 145 was hit by lightning about 15 minutes before our green machine arrived.
My Mum was having a fit about the prospect of flying in a thunderstorm! However, it cleared as fast as it had come, and soon we were onboard, right at the front (row 2 or 3, I can't remember). A bit delayed, we took off, on my 31st sector, 9th A320 flight and first with Aer Lingus.
The flight never left the cloud despite cruising at FL250 (25,000ft). As such, the cumulonimbus made it a bumpy ride, all the way to Dublin, where, surprise surprise, it was raining!

The day in Dublin involved wandering around getting soaked. And going in pubs. I'm told this is a good representation of Dublin?
The river Liffey, Temple Bar, diving in and out pubs... this caught my eye in one pub:
Mmmmmm, lovely! Soon It was time to head back to the airport for our evening flight back.

Dublin (DUB/EIDW)  to Birmingham (BHX/EGBB)
Aer Lingus Airbus A320 EI-EDS
After checking in and exploring the HUGE departure lounge (compared to Birmingham, anyway), EI-EDS arrived at our gate. It was only built in 2008, the year before.
 A very nice wingview! The aircraft looked like it had a shiny new paint job, but it had probably just been cleaned by all the rain....
 The return flight, my 32nd Sector, and 10th A320, started off turbulent but the second half was perfectly smooth, and after a cruising altitude of 26,000ft we made the approach to BHX's Runway 15, touching down on a hazy and warm spring evening.
 Overall, Aer Lingus were good, cheap enough and the service was also good for a short hop like this. If I was going to Dublin again, they'd be my choice over... "the competitor"... any day!

Thanks for reading, more bits and bobs 'from the archive' coming soon!

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  1. I've flown to Dublin a few times on this airline. They are very good and the service on board is good to but this was back in 1998