Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Good food on board an aircraft? It's the DC-6 Diner!

When I first heard about this, it was a must-see. A converted Douglas DC-6 next to the Airbase site, where you can have lunch or dinner inside a pretty much intact aircraft. And it did not disappoint!
The 'cabin' has been redecorated and is furnished like a restaurant, but with the large windows, wingview and open cockpit you're constantly aware you're on a plane. The whole aircraft wobbles slightly as people walk up and down, after all, the restaurant is on its own undercarriage!
There are so many little quirks on this DC-6 diner: like the cargo door at the front being clearly visible, and the pictures hung up, most of which (if not all) show this actual aircraft, G-SIXC which was built in 1958.
So, as it is a 'diner', I suppose I better talk about the food:
 Not many places do a 16oz T-bone steak, and nowhere else does it on a plane I bet! The food is really good, it's worth a visit even if the fact it's a plane doesn't interest you.
It's now my favorite place to eat. By far. With this next to the Airbase, and with the Midland Air museum up the road, Coventry Airport is becoming a real day out and an attraction for people all over the country. If it isn't, it should be.

Go to Coventry Airport everyone!

Here's the DC-6 Diner site: 

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