Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kenilworth from the air

Kenilworth, where I live, happens to lie just to the east of Birmingham's Runway 33 ILS approach path. This means good views of aircraft from the ground, and of course, of Kenilworth from the air!

The following were taken either from a Flybe Embraer 195 returning from a daytrip to Belfast or from a Flybe Dash 8 returning from Perpignan (both trips will be reviewed on here in the future):

Although hazy, this picture is best I have for showing the majority of the town, as in following attempts (returning from Perpignan) the cloud was a problem. The school is visible in the center at the top.
The castle! This was on full zoom so it's a bit blurry, 2500 feet doesn't sound like much but it's actually a long way away!
Northwest of the last picture, with the Abbey Fields on the right.
 And this is the good one! Taken from a Dash 8, the cloud parted in just the right place to reveal Kenilworth below...

Click on the pics for bigger versions! If you live in Kenilworth, try to spot your house ;)

On a completely different topic, I saw my first funnel cloud today! There will be more weathery things to come...

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