Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cheap flights to France!

Over the last 6 years, I've flown to France (Carcassonne mainly) on many occasions. The only operator to this small regional airport in the southwest of France is Ryanair, and as a result I've flown with them more than any other airline. Most of the times, it's been from East Midlands, and as my next French Holiday looms, I thought I'd fish out some of my best Ryanair pics...
Wingview on the apron at East Midlands in April 2006, with a bmi A319 behind.

A winglet-less wing! One of the last wingletless 737-800's in Ryanairs fleet, taken in August 2006.

Early morning at East Midlands in August 2008, with a First Choice A321, a Thomson 757, a Thomas Cook A321, a bmiBaby 737-300 and a Ryanair 737-800.

Our aircraft waiting for the first flight of the day to Carcassonne.

Beginning our descent into CCI

Turning downwind for a visual approach to RWY28

On final over Carcassonne

At this point however, the view from the other side is better:

So thats Ryanair, East Midlands and Carcassonne! I suppose, despite the terrible legroom, hideous cabins and unpleasant competitiveness (see the "bye bye" jets), Ryanair do fly to convenient local airports, and best of all, they are, most the time, dirt cheap!


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