Friday, 4 May 2012

bmibaby troubles

Following the recent take over of the bmi group by IAG (Internation Airlines Group, which includes Iberia and British Airways), bmibaby's future looks very uncertain.

All of bmibaby's Belfast routes and a few of their Birmingham and East Midlands services will cease on the 11th June, with flights only availiable for booking on the remaining routes until 9th September. If by the latter date bmibaby doesn't have a buyer, it looks likely that they'll have to end operations.

Please note some flights up untill the 11th June and then others untill the 9th September are still bookable and are (relatively) secure. IAG has plans to sell bmi Regional to Granite Aviation, while bmi mainline is being incorporated into British Airways' fleet at Heathrow.

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It's interesting to note in light of recent events that Flybe are opening a new base at East Midlands, with 2 Embraer 175's, as are Monarch. Both will operate routes which were previously a bmibaby monopoly.

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