Saturday, 14 July 2012

Flying the Dragon

It's made of wood and canvas, it's 68 years old, and it's called Sybille. G-AGTM is one of Classic Flight's DeHavilland Dragon Rapide's and every weekend this summer it's flying pleasure flights around Coventry and Warwickshire: how could I resist?

Booking a pleasure flight via the Airbase website was easy enough (easier than certain airlines I could mention) and a 30 minute flight costs £75. When we arrived, it seemed people who have booked flights get free entry to the airbase, so that £75 is actually including the £10 museum fee.

And so without ado, here's the flight:
Our sole pilot (only room for one at the front!) took us on a crosswind and downwind leg past Draycote, before flying over Leamington and over Warwick Castle a couple of times. It was then back for a straight in to RWY05.

Overall it's a unique flying experience, and worth every penny!

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