Tuesday, 14 August 2012

BHX-MPL-BHX trip report [Part 1]


Our holiday this year was as ever to the south of France but this time we'd be taking a new route...

Birmingham (BHX/EGBB) to Montpellier-Méditerranée (MPL/LFMT) FR2811
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-DPK

A major reason for choosing Ryanair this time was the deal on car rental (with Hertz). The flight wasn't the cheapest out there but the combined flight/car rental cost was. 

 Birminghams 'terminal 2' was heaving when we arrived (about 12:30pm), with only 1 Ryanair bag drop desk for all ryanair flights (compared to 2 in Montpellier for just one flight). Apart from the queues the bag drop system works quite well. I did notice that our hand luggage wasn't checked at all - nothing more than a glance and so no way of knowing if they were overweight. It seems very trusting of Ryanair/the airport to assume passengers will always comply with the rules!

Through security, generally a quick process now the 2 terminals have merged, and out into departures. But the layout forces passengers into the shopping area in terminal 1, and then you have to walk all the way back along the 'mellenium link' to terminal 2. OK for us but some elderly pax were not happy at all! Our aircraft, EI-DPK (which wears Comunitat Valeciana titles) arrived from Malta and we were boarded on time for an on time departure.
The obligatory legroom shot :)
The weather was showery with light northwesterly winds so 33 was in use, and after a short taxi from gate 1 to E1 we were on our way on the COWLY3D!

The flight itself was calm, however Ryanair make up for that, with the cabin crew trying to sell the pax all manner of things from no-smoke cigarettes to scratch cards... aswell as the usual drinks/snacks etc. I wonder how many people actually buy these things? Some pics from the cruise:
Landing at Montpellier was on RWY 13L, so a straight in approach. FR2811 arrived 5 minutes early so we were treated to the "another on time arrival" fanfare... no need to boast, Ryanair.
The first part of this trip report might have sounded quite negative but to be honest Ryanair are good enough for flights of this length. They're cheap (although not always the cheapest!) and very punctual.

So that was my 42nd flight and 13th on the Boeing 737-800. Next up is part 2, FR2812!

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