Friday, 21 September 2012


A Aurela 737-300 overran the runway today at BHX, coming to a stop just over the RWY15 threshold. Actually it appears as if the aircraft skidded off the taxiway after landing, but it closed the airport for 2 hours.

BBC link here:

Sorry for the overly dramatic title of this post, couldn't resist ;) Seems to have been only a minor incident with no injuries, disembarking with proper airstairs and passengers laughing about it!

Daytrip to Dublin trip report [Part 2]

The day in Dublin
The day in Dublin consisted mainly of walking. Lots and lots of walking. Which was fine as we saw quite a fair bit of the central Dublin area, including of course, Temple Bar!
It's the place to go to have Guinness, but be warned, it's pricey. On the subject of Irish liquids, I highly recommend trying Baileys and/or Guinness chocolate - mmmm!
I even came across a Leprachaun!
Getting between the airport and O'Connell Street was straightforward, with buses every 20 mins at 12 Euros return.

Dublin (DUB/EIDW) to Birmingham (BHX/EGBB) FR672
Boeing 737-800 EI-EVF

We got back to the airport early, and ended up walking around most of it! Dublin airport is actually really good for spotting, most parts of the departure lounge have decent views of the apron and runway. While there we saw the Shamrock retrojet:

And a Fedex A310, which was on a passenger stand. If that wasn't odd enough, it pushed back, sat on the taxiway for 30 minutes, before pulling back onto stand. Presumably it had gone tech? After another hour or so it finally departed, and it when it did, it climbed like a rocket! It was like an airshow display - if they flew like that with passengers onboard, there would be complaints I'm sure!

It was soon time to board, and we'd be flying on EI-EVF, which wears "Modlin Jest OK" titles, Polish for "Modlin is OK", advertising the Warsaw airport that Ryanair fly to. The flight back was calm, uneventful and annoyingly ontime... so another fanfare. Oh well! That was my 45th flight and 16th on the 738.

Overall, Dublin is great place to go on a daytrip to, and as for Ryanair... I'm trying to find reasons why I shouldn't fly with them, but to be honest, I'm struggling!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Daytrip to Dublin trip report! [Part 1]

Dia duit!

At the end of my last trip report (return from Montpellier) I said 'Overall "Europes favourite airline" as they now call themselves were pretty good and if the price is right, yes, I'd continue to fly with them!' And so I did! As an A-level results reward trip, me and a friend decided to go on a daytrip to Dublin! I'd already been to Dublin previously (in 2009, report here: The decision to fly with Ryanair, rather than Aer Lingus, was based purely on Ryanair being cheaper (only marginally though). In fact, following some of O'Learys recent shenanigans, (e.g. suggesting passengers flying on his airline should be charged for being stupid, having a £60 fee for forgetting your boarding pass, and claiming he'd buy a dog if it was cheap enough - referring to aircraft), I've gone off him somewhat. Actually, on my first trip report for Dublin, I said: 'I'd choose Aer Lingus over the competitor any day'. But anyway. The trip report!

Birmingham (BHX/EGBB) to Dublin (DUB/EIDW) FR663
Boeing 737-800 EI-ENC
The online check in system does work exceptionally well but God help you if can't/don't realise you have to print off the boarding passes before you get to the airport. Yes, it states quite clearly you have to do so when booking, but a £60 fine for reprinting is frankly ridiculous. We however had no such problems and sailed through security, navigated the shops and walked back to Terminal 2, where our flight was already 'boarding' (queuing). On an early morning, business orientated flight like this, it felt like a different airline comapared to the noisy holiday flights to southern France. The Captain even noted this, asking people to pay attention to the safety demo even though they may be frequent flyers.

Pretty much on time we took the short taxi from Gate 2 to E1, RWY33. It was then a Whitegate 4D departure to the northwest which gave stunning views of Birmingham city center! The route was via WHI, crossing the coast near Liverpool, then directly west across the north coast of Wales before vectors for the ILS RWY28 at Dublin, arriving on-time (complete with fanfare...). Landing here:
So that was my 44th flight and 15th with Ryanair. Now for the day in Dublin! Stay tuned for part 2!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Final bmiBaby flights

Today, bmibaby will fly its last ever flights. The last BHX operation is the WW1082 from Prague (lands 22:15), and the last EMA flight is the WW5912 from Venice (lands 23:30). Baby will be missed!

BBC article:

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Monarch at East Midlands

Following the announcement that bmiBaby will be ceasing operations in the coming weeks, some airlines (in particular Monarch and Flybe) have increased their presence in the Midlands to compensate. As a result Monarch are basing 2 aircraft at East Midlands as of today, flying to Alicante, Faro, Malaga and Palma initially. The increase in flights at Monarch has resulted in a shortage of aircraft, leading to leased aircraft such as an Air Explore 737-400 and Titan 757-200 which have been flying from Birmingham recently.

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