Saturday, 20 April 2013

Trip to (a windy!) BHX

Birmingham is one of the few airports in the country to have its runway north-south orientated, most have an east-west heading since the prevailing winds in the UK are westerly. This means BHX has crosswinds more often than most airports - as we saw on a recent trip to Sheldon country park, at the 15 threshold end of the runway:
A Ryanair 737-800 on final 
A Lufthansa 737-300 caught by gusts of up to 30kts
An Emirates 777-300ER making a smoky touchdown on rwy15

While there we just happened to hear the transition of air traffic control from the old 1939 Elmdon tower to the new tower, with a brief 5 minute swap over period in which inbound traffic was put in the hold! A historic moment since the old tower has been in constant use for 74 years. Change is afoot at Birmingham: new tower, new radar, Monarch's new engineering hangar and of course the runway extension! 

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