Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Last passenger carrying DC-10 flights to be from... Birmingham!

The final passenger carrying DC-10 flights will be Dhaka-Birmingham, followed by several 'scenic tour flights' operated from Birmingham, by Biman Bangladesh airlines.

The Douglas DC-10 first flew in 1970 and was one of the first widebody airliners to grace the skies. It was eventually succeeded by the MD-11 and as of the time of writing only one passenger variant of the DC-10 remains in service: S2-ACR. Delivered on the 30th December 1988 it was one of the last to be built, with production ending in 1989. S2-ACR has spent its whole life with Biman, the Bangladeshi national carrier, who are starting a new Dhaka-BHX-New York service this year using new Boeing 777-300ER's (which are replacing the DC-10's).

Perhaps the decision to operate these farewell flights from BHX is in part to get Biman some publicity in the UK ahead of their US operation, which will commence once the runway extension at BHX goes live.

At only £150 for the farewell tour flights, I imagine every aviation enthusiast who can will jump at the chance! Unfortunately I fall into the category who can't (at uni :P) but I've just booked flights to Copenhagen later this year (trip report ahoy!) so that's fine! Link here:


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