Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Trip to Scandinavia! [Part 3]

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The morning of our second day in Scandinavia started with a buffet style continental breakfast at the hotel, which was very busy! They didn't do Danish pastries and I couldn't leave Denmark with having one so I ate light and we picked some up at the bakery down the road instead. By 10am we were on the  ├śresundstag train to Sweden, only 72DKK one way per person. This line (which passes through Kastrup airport) passes over the longest combined road/rail bridge in Europe, over the ├śresund straight, part of the Baltic sea.
View from the bridge
The journey to Malmo took less than half an hour...
Our initial impressions of Malmo were that is was very much an industrial city compared to Copenhagen. We walked along the coast to Ribersborg Kallbadhus, a spa/restaurant on a pier with views over the ├śresund. But it was closed!
View of Copenhagen airport from Sweden!
View of Malmo from Ribersborg Kallbadhus
We walked all the way back, past some famous Swedish geese (I say famous because they appear on Swedish Krona bank notes) before wandering through the Kings park.
We then found ourselves in the center of Malmo, during a international market. Interesting to see what the Great Britain stall was selling... cheese and crockery! We lunched on a traditional Swedish dish of what was described as a fish burger, served with mash potato, peas and cranberries. Pudding was a nutella waffle from the French stall at the market! After mooching around some more shops, it was time to head back to the station. Heading back there, we noticed this opposite a Burger King:
We also popped into an church to kill a few minutes, and a very nice church it was too. But this note left in the visitors book made me laugh:
So that was our visit to Sweden! Overall a similar vibe to Copenhagen, but Malmo is less historic and much more a working sea port. Next time, part 4, the flight back.

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