Saturday, 16 May 2015

Everything wrong with... this article

So the media sometimes get things wrong, but it seems to me that they're particularly bad when it comes to reporting aviation stories (or even non-stories as the case may be). This recent article epitomises all that, so I'm going to go through all the errors and sensationalism in it... it's no wonder people are scared of flying when this is what their impression of it is!

Let's begin!

'Dramatic footage' - It's not dramatic.

'forced to pull up at last minute' - Over the top. It was a perfectly safe and calculated go around.

'Cries of 'oh my God' heard on video as small plane wheels onto runway'  - Hardly 'cries'. Planes don't 'wheel', they taxi.

'Astonishing footage' - It's not astonishing.

'worried onlookers who saw the huge passenger jet appear to pull up at the last minute'  - They weren't worried, and if they were they shouldn't have been! Again... the Emirates pilots will have been fully aware of the metroliner holding at the end of the runway and will have been fully prepared to execute a go around if necessary. Not a last minute evasive manoeuvre as this makes it sound.

'A small plane thought to be a Flightline Metroliner EC-JIP' - Any reason you've told us the aircraft registration as well? If you were reporting a car accident you wouldn't tell us the reg? Incidentally a car accident would be far more newsworthy.

'Near miss: Onlookers to the incident started to worry as the Emirates plane (left) began its descent while the small plane pulled onto the runway'  - Began its descent? It would have begun its descent about 100 or so miles away (unless you thought that the aircraft was at ~35,000 feet at the start of the video?). Also not a near miss. The metroliner would have been off the tarmac before the 777 landed anyway. And why are they called near misses? If it's nearly a miss, surely it's a hit?

'That's just too close,' says a lady before cries of 'oh my God' are heard and the Emirates plane aborts its landing at the last minute.' - *facepalm*

'The huge passenger jet is believed to have flown in from Dubai' - Well it had? Why do we have to say 'believed' here? Emirates only fly out of Dubai...

'unscheduled go around' - when would a go around ever be 'scheduled'?! Like, at the start of a flight, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, we'll be going around at 14:10 before arrival approximately 15 minutes later'...

'it seems the plane was forced to make a harder landing on the tarmac, due to approaching at a different angle.' - HAHAHA oh this is the best one! The second landing was not particularly hard. How does a go around several minutes previously affect a completely unrelated second approach? A different angle. For Gods sake, planes cannot approach a runway at different angles (at least not this close in)  - runways are long straight things yeah? You kind of have to be lined up???

'MailOnline have also contacted Emirates for comment.' - Right, asking an airline for comment about a procedure as standard as a go around is like asking a car driver for comment because they turned on their windscreen wipers. Please.

'The pilot of the Emirates Boeing 77-300 was forced to perform a last-minute go around' - Pilots, plural. It's a Boeing 777-300ER. Although the ER is forgiveable, the 77 is not. Again, not last minute.

'The small plane was believed to be a Flightline Metroliner EC-JIP that taxied out onto the runway' - Is this sentence grammatically correct?

And then, at the end, they put a perfectly sensible explanation of go around's (from Heathrow's website), which if they had actually read, might have made them realise that this is not a news story.

Rant over!

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